Friday, November 17, 2006


more later when i recover from celebrating...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bar results in T-minus 20 hours...

I'm trying to enjoy these last few hours when I am on equal footing with everybody else...soon enough we'll all be split into those who passed and the poor bastards that didn't.

So the job I currently have is in an area of law that I am not really feeling. Plus it is a very small firm so there is hardly any guidance. Every day I feel like I could make huge errors that would ruin cases and cause me to get fired. Not a good way to live obviously, so as soon as I find out my results I'll be sending out my resume and see what happens.

Oh and color me shocked when I found out that as law clerks we can be paid hourly but not get overtime. So I get paid a measly amount (compared to all my bills) for 40 hours a week - but I put in at least 60 every single week. Free money for the firm I guess since they are, of course, billing my services at 100 an hour and keeping every pretty penny. Yes, I am bitter - I could be making the same as a secretary and leave every day at 5!

No more complaining....I'll post when I find out my fate (gulp)