Wednesday, August 30, 2006

If you were a tree....

what kind of tree would you be?

Now that I can no longer call myself a student and the balance in my bank account is trickling away to nothing, I figure it's time to find me a job. Unfortunately that means going through interviews - boring, uncomfortable, embarrassing interviews.

I am personable and can carry on a conversation with just about anybody, but when I get asked one of THOSE questions, those "interview questions", I freeze up and my mind blanks. Here are a few for example (I've been asked all of these at one time or another):

- Tell me about a success and a failure you've had in your last position
- Give me a quick example of your team leadership skills
- Why aren't your grades higher?
- If you have an engineering degree, why would you ever go to law school?
- Pop quiz: tell me what you can find in a company's annual report and how you would determine if you should invest in that company or not

That last question was unexpected when it was asked but the rest are pretty straightforward (if annoying) interview you would think I would have a set answer to all of them, huh? Nope. I get caught up in what the right answer should sound like, and my mind starts racing like this:

ok ok ok ok. a failure I've had....cant be a really bad one or they wont hire me but if I say something little they'll think I have a huge ego, like I'm invincible or's still staring at me and computer crashed? i missed a deadline? shit! crap! just spit something out!

Anyways, I usually end up trying to chat the interviewer up so they'll forget my pitiful answers. If anyone out there has some suggestions for me feel free to give advice because OBVIOUSLY I NEED IT!!!


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