Thursday, April 27, 2006


Is it true that pets resemble their owners? Or is that the other way around - owners resemble their pets? I wouldn't mind if someone said I had a similar personality as the Lumpkin because she's easygoing and sweet, but physically?

Yeah, I think I'd be offended if someone said this plumpness reminded them of me. I do like my pie though - so maybe I should just embrace my pudgy belly.

This post is all short and haphazard because I'm in one of those strange moods where nothing makes me happy. I don't know what I want for dinner, or how to wear my hair, or even if I should bother to get dressed today. Mostly I'm bummed about my lack of money.

I've been living on financial aid for the last three years and the money is running out before I've been able to find a permanent job. Being broke sucks!!!! I've been to the mall only 3 times since August, I can never order at a restaurant without first looking at the price, every month I worry about my bills and whether they can get paid on time. I know there are so many people out there that have these issues but this is a first for me. I've always been one of those people that has to have a safety net. From my first job in highschool to now I've always needed two or three thousand in the bank for "just in case" money. Not anymore. I have nothing left to draw from, no savings, no more credit cards, what have you.

I would take any job right not that pays but see...there is this awful thing called the bar exam that I have to take at the end of July. And between now and then I'll be studying for the bar and taking a prep course during the day - so when your days are taken up it can be really hard to find a job that is nights only. Good thing I'm not in shape because I'd be really tempted to strip (not really because I would freak out and run away before taking my clothes off for strangers).

Well screw it, thinking about money is making me depressed and irritable so I'm going to go out and find some pie and then settle in and watch 80's movies.

ahhh...feeling better already


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