Friday, November 17, 2006


more later when i recover from celebrating...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bar results in T-minus 20 hours...

I'm trying to enjoy these last few hours when I am on equal footing with everybody else...soon enough we'll all be split into those who passed and the poor bastards that didn't.

So the job I currently have is in an area of law that I am not really feeling. Plus it is a very small firm so there is hardly any guidance. Every day I feel like I could make huge errors that would ruin cases and cause me to get fired. Not a good way to live obviously, so as soon as I find out my results I'll be sending out my resume and see what happens.

Oh and color me shocked when I found out that as law clerks we can be paid hourly but not get overtime. So I get paid a measly amount (compared to all my bills) for 40 hours a week - but I put in at least 60 every single week. Free money for the firm I guess since they are, of course, billing my services at 100 an hour and keeping every pretty penny. Yes, I am bitter - I could be making the same as a secretary and leave every day at 5!

No more complaining....I'll post when I find out my fate (gulp)

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

If you were a tree....

what kind of tree would you be?

Now that I can no longer call myself a student and the balance in my bank account is trickling away to nothing, I figure it's time to find me a job. Unfortunately that means going through interviews - boring, uncomfortable, embarrassing interviews.

I am personable and can carry on a conversation with just about anybody, but when I get asked one of THOSE questions, those "interview questions", I freeze up and my mind blanks. Here are a few for example (I've been asked all of these at one time or another):

- Tell me about a success and a failure you've had in your last position
- Give me a quick example of your team leadership skills
- Why aren't your grades higher?
- If you have an engineering degree, why would you ever go to law school?
- Pop quiz: tell me what you can find in a company's annual report and how you would determine if you should invest in that company or not

That last question was unexpected when it was asked but the rest are pretty straightforward (if annoying) interview you would think I would have a set answer to all of them, huh? Nope. I get caught up in what the right answer should sound like, and my mind starts racing like this:

ok ok ok ok. a failure I've had....cant be a really bad one or they wont hire me but if I say something little they'll think I have a huge ego, like I'm invincible or's still staring at me and computer crashed? i missed a deadline? shit! crap! just spit something out!

Anyways, I usually end up trying to chat the interviewer up so they'll forget my pitiful answers. If anyone out there has some suggestions for me feel free to give advice because OBVIOUSLY I NEED IT!!!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

hot stuff

Monday, July 31, 2006


The rundown:

- I freaked out the first day of the bar exam and so I think I messed up on the Contracts essay. The rest of the essays were manageable on Day 1 and Day 3 (meaning that I thought I touched on all the issues but really, who knows if I did ok).

- The multi's were hard but I at least knew the law that was being tested.

- The performance exams were simple and straightforward - but I always suck at these so I'm sure the graders are going to hate my writing style or my headings.

What pissed me off:

- That my testing center was so air-conditioned that I felt like I was in a freezer. I saw one woman's lips turn blue and people wearing gloves and thick puffy jackets. How in the hell is that considered an appropriate testing environment? I can't think well when I'm shivering too hard to type. Plus I heard that the other room in the Ontario convention center was comfortably warm and that we couldnt have a more heated room because then that other room would be too hot. The fuck? I think that making people feel overly warm is a whole heckuva lot better than having 1000 people freeze their asses off. Hugging your computer battery in a feeble attempt to stay warm is

- That (according to people that have taken the bar multiple times) this bar was relatively easy and straightforward. So if I fail then I will really feel like a dumbass because it will only be harder in the future.

What I loved:

- Going straight to Vegas on Day 3 and using alcohol to kill all the brain cells I had left.

Friday, July 07, 2006

I don't have words foul enough...

to describe my feelings for property and evidence. I missed half (HALF!) of the questions on my practice multi and now I feel like there is no hope of passing this stupid bar.

I keep thinking that things would be better if I could take the bar at the end of august...just a few more weeks to study and I would have everything down...but two months of studying is probably all the human body can take so I should stop surfing the web and get back to my flashcards.

equitable servitude? negative covenant? character evidence? I can hear my brain crying....

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

piece of cake, right?

So from what my bar exam instructor has said it should be easy to pass the bar. I just need to memorize every itty bitty scrap of info on my 650 flashcards and then be mentally aware enough to spot every issue on the essays. Wow, sounds so simple!

Too bad I always forget an exception to a rule or one of the 6 factors needed to prove whatever.

I don't know if I have enough time to get everything in my puny brain as there are only 27 days left and I don't know anybody that has passed the bar well enough to ask them if they think I have a chance at passing or if I should give up now, sell off all my shit on ebay, and buy a one-way ticket to some island paradise where I will own and operate a preserve for house cats and a bookstore. Whew! Obviously the panic has hit so I will stop blogging and find some nice drugs (aka "wine") to help me get through tonight.